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Common Purpose and the Welsh Assembly Government

Freedom of Information Requests/Responses to the Welsh Assembly Government on Common Purpose.

Mr Layton Bevan
27 May 2011

Dear Mr Bevan
Request for Information – reference 5138

Thank you for your request which was received by the Welsh Government on 20 May 2011. You asked for:
Detail any and all payments made to Common Purpose by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Detail the number of staff, including both Welsh Assembly staff and Assembly Members who have participated in training courses run by Common Purpose.

We have been asked for similar information regarding Welsh Government staff previously and our responses to those requests are published in our Disclosure log at:

The entries which I believe answer your request are at 2086, 2116, 2318 and Government 171.


Links to the following publications are below:

Gov 171
Use of training provider "Common Purpose" Complaint in respect of Request for Information – reference ATISN 4694

Disclosure log 2318
Information relating to the use of the training provider "Common Purpose"

Disclosure log 2116
Information on costs and amount of training provided by "Common Purpose"

Disclosure log 2086
Amount spent of hiring "Common purpose" to prove training events within the Welsh Assembly Government