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The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in many individual cases, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity. Free Tommy Robinson
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'Child Deaths'
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Jack Mallinder aged 16 months

Barking,Thurrock and Dagenham Social Services
Concerns over Joanne Mallinder was ignored and she went on to kill her child
November 25 2008

A three-month-old baby suffered severe brain damage and died after being shaken by his mother weeks after being handed back to her by social services, a court has heard.
By John Bingham

Joanne Mallinder, 37 of Tilbury, Essex, suffered post natal depression and considered giving her son, Jack, up for adoption after his birth in late 2006 but changed her mind, Basildon Crown Court was told.

The boy was taken into temporary foster care after being released from hospital when he was two weeks old, with Mallinder allowed only an hour's contact a day.

But two weeks later, after preparations had been made for him at the one bedroom flat which Mallinder shared with her boyfriend Gareth Cox, 32, he was sent to live with the couple.

A jury heard how eight weeks later Mr Cox arrived at the flat to find the boy pale and not breathing, with blood on his nose, and called an ambulance.

Doctors discovered the three-month-old had severe brain damage and six fractures to the arms and legs, Stephen Harvey QC, prosecuting, said.

He spent 13 months in hospital before dying from his injuries in of March last year.

Mr Cox told the jury that Mallinder – who had previously suffered 13 miscarriages and given birth to a stillborn baby on Christmas Day – struggled to bond with the boy after being separated from him for the first few weeks of his life.

He said that during the pregnancy she had considered having an abortion because of financial problems, depression and bulimia, but had decided to have the baby.

Giving evidence, Mr Cox said that Mallinder, who denies murder, had gone to bed early after they exchanged "cross words" the evening before their son was injured.

The following evening he was out when he was called by Mallinder, who was screaming down the telephone, and rushed home to find the boy injured.

"She told me he had woken up, he was restless and grizzly, she tried to give him some water to settle him," he said. "She noticed he was making gasping, rasping noises, struggling to breathe."

The jury has heard that the injuries were described as consistent with being shaken.

"These life threatening injuries, brain injuries and most certainly one of the fractures were inflicted by Mrs Mallinder," said Mr Harvey.

"Whether Joanne Mallinder acted out of an intense sense of frustration, whether she was momentarily angry with Jack or whether she was in a state of some desperation she picked him up and dealt with him in such a way and with such force that he became unconscious."

Mr Cox told the court that social services had visited "once or twice" while the boy had been at home but Mallinder appeared to be coping well.

Sally O'Neill QC, defending, said: "Social services visited on some occasions when Jack was home. Things seemed all right?"

He replied: "(They visited ) once or twice. It was approaching Christmas, I was quite happy. We didn't have lots of money but we would be able to buy what we needed and were quite content."

Joanne Mallinder Sentenced to 4 years prison.