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NPTC 2017-2018 1 in every 5 PCN's issued are cancelled. Annual Report shows Parking Services are surely not fit for purpose.

Documents to read:

The Portas Review - An independent review into the future of our high streets. Please Read (PDF)

British Parking Association says our primary concern is that the report fails to acknowledge that car park users are not solely influenced by price? Please Read (PDF)

NPTC Parking Services Annual Report 2017-2018. In the financial year 2017/18, 11,734 Penalty Charge Notices were issued, 7,851 on street and 3,883 off street. The table below shows the split of Penalty Charge Notices issued between 01st April 2017 and 31st March 2018. Please Read (PDF)

6 Statistics  
Number of Higher Level PCN's Issued 7247
Number of Lower Level PCN's Issued 4487
Total Number of PCN's Issued 11734
Number of PCN's Paid at Discount 7233
Number of PCN's Paid at Non - Discount 1305
Total Number of PCN's Paid 8538
Number of PCN's Appealed Against 7575
Percentage of PCN's Appealed Against 65%
Number of PCN's Cancelled as a Result of an Appeal 2061

Percentage of Successful Appeals 18% Numbers of PCN's cancelled for other reasons 341.

Comment - Notice the council are careful not to include the total number of PCN's Cancelled overall which was 2402 from 11734 PCN's issued which is over 20%. Remember the majority just pay up and don't challenge PCN's because they are probably too busy with their own families to pursue such matters.

Even so thats 1 in every 5 PCN's issued, are cancelled! These figures are a absolute disgrace and the public should be made fully aware that Neath and Port Talbot Council parking services are 'not fit for purpose' failing to improve the overall aim of the Authority to provide a Parking Service that supports residents, visitors and businesses within Neath Port Talbot.

But don't worry, because this authoritarian, cost cutting council proposes the introduction of a 'mobile CCTV camera van' costing thousands of tax-payers hard earned pounds with a 'particular focus' on dangerous parking (who makes that decision?) outside schools and in bus bays with obviously more drivers challenging the decision? Annual Reports 2011-2018.