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Welsh Assembly AM Gwenda Thomas aids Local Authorities in trying to cover-up possible Child Abuse.

Welsh Assembly AM Gwenda Thomas"Sir Ronald Waterhouse said it was a "remarkable" decision by the Welsh Assembly Government and Gwenda Thomas not to allow Independent Advocacy Services for our most venerable Children."

Sir Ronald Waterhouse said it was a "remarkable" decision by the Welsh Assembly Government not to allow Independent Advocacy Services for our most venerable Children.

Listen to the extraordinary attack by the former High Court Judge below:

BBC Wales Dragons Eye March 13, 2008

The Children and Young People Committee has published its report on advocacy services for children and young people in Wales. Advocacy Services for Children and Young People in Wales - March 2008 - Children and Young People Committee (PDF) Report

The report calls for an independent advocacy service for young people to be established as soon as possible. It recommends that a centrally funded national advocacy unit be established, with responsibility for commissioning independent advocacy services in local areas. Children and young people should be involved when determining which advocacy providers should be awarded contracts for local areas.

The committee found that four main themes emerged during the inquiry:

the need for independent advocacy;
the need for skilled advocates;
the need for accessible advocacy
the need for continuity of service

Read the Report (PDF)

Plaid Cymru member Helen Mary Jones, chair of the assembly children's committee, said the most vulnerable young were being let down. We often do not take the views of children and young people seriously enough, even if some of those young people over 16 are able to marry, join the Armed Forces and pay taxes. There is a responsibility on us as politicians to represent those without a voice and our children need to have the opportunity to voice their opinions and be listened to. It was in that spirit that the Children and Young People Committee was established. It is in that spirit that independent advocacy services are needed by children and young people

Definition of Independent: Not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, and not subject to another's authority or jurisdiction or influenced by the thought or action of others.

Disgraced 'New Labour' Ministers Jane Hutt and Gwenda Thomas guilty of not protecting the most vulnerable children in Wales.

Jane Hutt AM - Minister for Children

Jane Hutt AM (above) - Minister for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning & Skills - Vale of Glamorgan - Labour.

Former vice chairs of the Wales Council for Voluntary Action? She was the Welsh member on the New Opportunities (UK) Fund and a former vice-chair of the Social Services Committee on the former South Glamorgan County Council.

Child Pornography: The Times - Wales Child abuse cover-up allegations over Judge and top policeman who quit his job
November 24, 2007  Read Here

Gwenda Thomas AM
Gwenda Thomas AM

Gwenda Thomas AM - Deputy Minister - Health and Social Services. Neath - Labour

Previously a Civil Servant and Chair of Social Services Committees of West Glamorgan CC and Neath Port Talbot CBC, former Community Councillor, Her interests include health, social services and the rights of carers, childcare and voluntary sector.

THE head of children's services at Neath Port Talbot Council has been suspended. He is the third senior officer to be suspended by the council in a year.
March 01 2006
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