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The 'drugs' estate a GP prescribed a woman to leave for the sake of her health.

Please read on Walesonline.

The following paragraphs summarises the most important points of the article. I have to say the level of journalism on this Wales Online article leaves so many unanswered questions but we are going to try and get to some of the facts.

More great joint working

More great joint working between us and @SWPNeath today. We visited Bush Row flats in Melin, where we'll be launching an exciting new initiative soon - watch this space....Tai Tarian LTD Twitter 

'Watch this space' comment on their twitter page above gives you a clue to the low level of robotic intellegence Tai Tarian customers have to put up with on a daily basis where policies become  competitions to them.

Things are said to be getting better thanks to the efforts of a housing association, but it's too late as far as some are concerned.

"Not to the efforts of Tai Tarian LTD, its to the increased precence of the police."

The estate is run by social housing provider Tai Tarian, which said previously South Wales Police had identified Bush Row as a place where a Birmingham drugs gang was operating.

"So if Tai Tarian (Anti-Social Behaviour)and the SW Police knew of the drug problems in Bush Row for years why would it take this long to do anything about it?"

Things got so bad on a Neath estate one resident was given a rather odd prescription by her GP - leave.

The estate is Bush Row in the Melyn area of the town.

And it has been rife with drug use and anti-social behaviour, according to some of the people living there.

Action has been taken to try to clean up the estate and rid it of some of the causes of its problems, and the work is ongoing.

Things have started to get better, according to some, but others have already had enough.

A third resident - who has been living in the flats for 12 years - said the situation had improved in the past couple of months thanks to an increased police presence in the area.

Earlier this month, Tai Tarian announced plans to change its letting policy in Bush Row because of problems with drug dealing and heavy drug use.

It said it would no longer take any new tenant with a drug conviction or drug addiction.

So Tai Tarian LTD suddenly gets access to your medical records? "I dont suppose Tai Tarian LTD even knows where they stand legally on that last line" but my question to Tai Tarian LTD is 'where Tai Tarian LTD was gong to put new tenants with a drug conviction or drug addiction and does that include alcoholics?". Headline should read: South Wales Police and Tai Tarian to end housing to suspected drug addicts by cleaning problem areas Philippine drug enforcement style. Of course this will result in huge rises in the number of homeless people. Drugs may include ‘marijuana’ I suppose. That’s probably 30% of tenants facing the boot.

Please don’t let the failures of another Housing Company end with another 'Housing Award' probably a ' another Shield (Tarian)'